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Super Tuesday puts Biden ahead

Donald Trump has won the Oklahoma Republican primary, and Joe Biden has won the Democratic primary.

Many people did not vote as their candidates have dropped out. Biden won the democratic primary, showing up strong into Super Tuesday.

“I don't understand how Trump is still winning,” said Miranda Zuniga. “People want to impeach him but, he’s still winning.”

There are lots of controversies over Tuesday’s results.

“I did not vote this time," said Brooke Lade, 29, an ELA teacher at Tulsa Honor Academy. "My guy, Pete, dropped out last minute. I was trying to calculate who would beat Trump; at this point, that's all I care about."

Candidates dropped out:

Elizabeth Warren, Mike Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Tom Steyer, Deval Patrick, Andrew Yang, Micheal Bennet, Joe Walsh

Delegate Count

Joe Biden:

603 Delegates

Bernie Sanders:

538 Delegates

Donald Trump

1,023 Delegates

Candidates need 1,237 delegates to win the nomination.

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