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How Much Work is Being Pressured On Teachers And Students

Gabby Yllescas and Savannah Reyes

Recently in Tulsa Honor Academy there have been a few concerns with the amount of deadlines and school work interfering with students' and teachers' lives. But we haven’t gone in depth about how teachers and students truly feel about the amount of work teachers are giving while students try to meet those deadlines.

Dr. Campbell, a high school history teacher at THA, believes that ever since he has moved into the THA high school, things have been easier for him. He was a former middle school history teacher at THA.

“Last year was hard,” he said. “I feel pretty good this year,” he said.

Although it is not as simple for teachers, he says there’s, “A lot of excitement, but a little bit of anxiety.” Many students would infer that it’s easier for teachers, but he says “It’s never 100% perfect”.

It could be that the teachers' jobs are a lot easier, but how do students deal with the pressure of due dates and assignments? Ninth grader, Gisselle Pacheco, answered our questions about how she feels. All the due dates and assignments stress and wear her out. She says “It’s really stressful because I don't have the time.” She adds, “I don’t have the time at home,” because she’s not home after school.

Mrs. Siftar, a high school physics teacher at THA, says “There wasn’t much curriculum,” when she first got to THA. She fully believes that it is hard to maintain plans and lessons for the next day. She says she wants to push her students, but not overwhelm them because of how many classes they take every day. Not only that, but she says “teaching is tough,” which lets us conclude that it isn’t very easy for teachers themselves.