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positions @ spire

ASSISTANT (12th grade ONLY)

Assistant Advisors will work with the Advisor, Brooke Myers, to supervise, coach and assist the editors and staff members of the Agency. AAs also assist Brooke with creating and enforcing policies, planning and preparing for the week ahead, and they serve as advocates for Together Tulsa and SPIRE Creative to the wider community. Think of this position as an internship - something that gives you community service hours and GREAT leadership experience for your resume.


These Creatives are in charge of making decisions about the direction of the publication. They provide leadership to the Managing Editors and salespeople, assign duties and responsibilities, provide assistance to their staff members when needed, and make the final preparations for publication. The EICs will work in collaboration with all other editors and staff members in determining the stories that will be written and published. If you like to be the leader, you have strong writing skills, and you want to learn graphic design – this one is for you.


One person per category* will serve as managing editor to the writers and photographers. These Creatives will manage the day-to-day tasks of each writer/photographer, ensuring that deadlines are met and stories are high quality. Managing editors will work with Graphic Designers, Copy Editors, and Photographers to put together and finalize pages. If you like to lead, you’re a good writer and you like to take charge – this one is for you. 


These are the Creatives that will write the copy, headlines, and subheads for the stories in the publication. They will make the calls and set up the meetings necessary to interview other students, and they will collect the facts, quotes, and data they need to write their stories. If you’re independent, like to go on adventures, you aren’t afraid to talk to people, and you like to write stories – this one is for you.


These Creatives are in charge of the financials for SPIRE. They make contact with companies, set up meetings, and sell books to fund the printing and production costs for the year. These Creatives work closely with the Editors-in-Chief to ensure ideas and plans are properly funded. If you’re thinking of going into business one day and you like money-talk – this is for you.


These Creatives work with staff writers and attend events to take pictures that will accompany stories. Photographers work with Managing Editors to select the photographs to be used in the publication, and they will edit photographs for print. If you like taking pictures and photography – this is your job.




a form * a list of references * essay questions

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